“Do not destroy someone perception of another. What you may see and know may not be what they see and know about that person.”- Boutzie’

 The quote above sums up my current mental state. I rarely, if not, let people into the corners of my mind. I tend to live in my thoughts and keep them to myself. Of late, I have had this burning desire to finally open the gates of wisdom. Wisdom is a gift I presumed to be from God. So my intentions on sharing wisdom have to be utterly right and not for one’s own personal glorification.

Given where I am at in life at the moment, I have found myself shutting out the world. It has been three months since I watched the news. And in those three months I have officially fallen off with social media with wanting to like or subscribe to anything. I find everything to be of noise and of no value. There are so many “Artists” popping out and about that I wonder what are they truly doing this for? I started questioning my own true self and wondering was I simply “hating” or was I seeing the truth of it all? The truth that something is lacking and something is not right. I can even say that for once in my life, my mind was clouded with a bunch of noises.

Sometimes noise can be good, but then it can be a major distraction. This week alone I was waking up with thoughts running through my mind and going to bed the same. I was praying asking God, “Please Lord calm my mind”. But deep down I knew what it was. I had allowed my perception to be altered based on what I was seeing. I allowed my perception to be tainted in the last three years of this gimmicky art scene. I allowed my true self to take a back seat for the sake of something that was not even real.  I allowed the perception of others in my city to taint my ability. My ability to know that everyone is unique and no matter what they have a story.

This very epiphany has transcended even more after seeing Straight Outta Compton. I sat in that movie excited and walked out inspired. Inspired in knowing that no matter what perceptions may or may not be perceived of you, regardless you still can go far. For a long time, I allowed my mind to be tainted. And now I choose not to let it.

You have to understand this:

God created us. He birthed us. He molded us. He decided to share gems and jewels with this world for a greater good. We as humans have to learn that nothing will ever be done differently if  we don’t try to change our perceptions. If we continue to do the same and live the same, then we are not progressing. It’s the same for the art world. You must do something more with your art and nothing mediocre. And when I say that I simply mean this:

Do not do what everyone else is doing, but channel that perception into creating something that will shape and change the world on a bigger scale.

It’s the least we can do.