It has been a journey and a struggle to write this latest feature story on RRBLOG. It has nothing to do with the subject, but the fact that this is my last story on any creative within the Baltimore City area. When you ascend to a new level and begin to transition, you have to know when some things end and where they begin. I have been in a writers slump for the longest time because I was not coming across any significant figure worth writing about. It was not until Boogie Madison ( read previous feature story here) suggested I interview his friend Jacob Marley. I was a little reluctant to do so because for one, I never heard of him.  None the less I decided to go forth and see who this Jacob Marley person was.

I usually conduct my interviews three ways: phone, email or in person. For some reason, this did not happen. When it comes to my life, I am the majority of the time unconventional. When it comes to my professionalism I am conventional. Jacob Marley is unlike any other artist I met. His presence is calm and quiet. When he speaks, he speaks with such accuracy that often makes you wonder, was he a philosopher in a previous life? In talking with him, through texts, I felt that  I had already met him or knew him for long periods of time. During our conversation, he talks about how he often is researching new  ideas for his creative projects. How the gratification of making something exhilarates him. How knowing that the final product has a final journey.  He is fascinated with various art mediums that often fluctuates between his current mindset.

As our conversation continued through texts, we decided to set a time and meet up for me to shoot him. We settled on graffiti alley, but to my dismay it was preoccupied with other city goers. We choose the empty parking lot right across from it and continued our conversation. He shares with me that he is currently working on some projects, but hopes to complete while living in LA. He tells me that in order for him to finish creating these projects he must be in LA.  While still remaining in Baltimore he has not forsaken his other creative endeavors. Those endeavors include making music and vibing out with his audience at local spots such as TheCrown and The WindUp Space. Then again if you follow him on Instagram you may see his weekly drawings of various silhouettes.

To backtrack, his music makes you feel as if you are on beach miles away in another world. Swaying in the sand all the while letting the wind blow through your hair. It is a cross between chill and deep house music that is currently the trend within the music scene today.  Even though he makes his own music from time to time, you can surely spot his name other artists projects such as Al Rogers.

If I was to describe Jacob Marley I would say that his overall being is a reflection of nature. He is one with himself and his surroundings. Nothing seems to clash with him or his goals. The way he views life is that there is something positive in everything. From my observation, he believes that you should never allow limitations or inabilities to keep you bound. You should tackle them and conquer them before they conquer you. Always seeking to know  what life is and what purpose it serves to your art. There is no summary or conclusion to who is Jacob Marley because his journey is not over.

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