“Be yourself, be open to new things, think and learn, but have fun.”

In a world full of chaos and disorder, finding peace or obtaining it is very hard today. We are constantly being bombarded with sensationalism news,  reality shows and the latest gadget. At times, we often forget the message that we want to convey to the world. A message that is found within the music, stories, and art we share.  And that is what currently happening in my home city of Baltimore. Artists are finally sharing their message with the world.

As always, you all know I am still on the journey to capture and share those hidden jewels lurking about in various cities in the world. As mention before I am doing that within my city. Baltimore City is a home to many. A place of wealth and new beginnings for some, but a place of plight to others. It is a home where persons are fighting daily to overcome gentrification and daily struggles of inner city living. But in the midst of all that, there is a scene that has been developing over the years. A scene where persons who grew up and around those conditions can express those realities with the world.

I am sure many persons are well aware of the recent events that have taken place in Baltimore. From the peaceful protests and riots over the death Baltimore citizen Freddie Gray; to the community activism. During that time, I had the opportunity to interview producer and artist Boogie Madison.

Bo Madi ( another nickname) grew up loving sounds.Whether it was from music or just rain hitting the windshield. He just loved sounds.

In his experiences with people, good or bad, he usually tries to put whatever he felt with them into a song. He knows that his biggest obstacle is trying to reach an audience that will understand this. In reality, he does not think about target demographics, but what will his listeners enjoy. He wants his music to be enjoyable for all ages.

Boogie Madison sees himself as an independent artist who creates without restrictions. He shares with me about his first time making a track. He admits that is was so bad, but he wanted to get better. And that was the spark that kept him going. That determination propelled him to later work various artists  such as Willondenn, RoY FLYY, Al Rogers, Jacob Marley, Bobby Evans and Sir Michael Fernandez. He later goes on to mention that he co-produced a track with Drelax. As the conversation change lanes, he talks about how art and music scenes are exploding today. He states that for the first time  art is at the forefront and this is helping inspire his generation of peers. The way he describes the music scene, is that it is in the public hands more so then what the public believes.

“Social Media has pushed music to it’s limits. Literally anyone has the ability to have a song heard by virtually the whole world. The Baltimore music scene is definitely buzzing. Pretty soon, the world will catch on.”

Living in Baltimore has shaped Boogie is many ways. From how he talks and walks plus view things. In a way, it has made him seek other places to explore and to know what they have to offer. Not only has his city shaped him, but his musical influences did the same. His biggest influences are of the likes of Pharrell, Daft Punk, and 9th wonder. He cannot say what his sound will be in the near future, but it may be on the lines of psychedelic and emotive.

“I constantly try to blend genres between electro, hip-hop and pop. Who knows what I might try next.”

You can follow Boogie Madison via his Twitter @BoogieMadison