So guys, I am back again with another feature story! This time I am moving away from music artists to bloggers. I am so thrilled that I got the chance to interview Amber of AmberIsTheNewBlack. So shall we get into this feature story?

I recently came across Ms. Amber out of the clear blue, and immediately fell in love with her style. In addition to her style, her YouTube videos basically lured me in. She is now one of my top favorite bloggers on YouTube at the moment. Now back to her style, she describes it as being a cross between androgynous, street wear,  and classic styles. She gets a lot of inspiration and style ideas from look-books plus Instagram. She states that nothing directly influences her, but she likes to wear clothing that will make her stand out.

“there is nothing worse than looking drab”
She talks about how she been blogging for 7 months and been doing Youtube for 5 months. She states that she prefers Youtube over blogging because she is very vocal and animated. I then switch gears and asked what is the meaning behind her blog name. She concludes that her blog name was the first thing she thought of. It seems that she has the personality that appeals to people and that her name is new/refreshing as some of the top gurus. She sums up her name as bringing something new to the table. Also she adds that being such a newbie, she hopes to  have a healthy following. She mentions that she wants to get into radio or TV presenting in the near future.
                                 “I did not start blogging or YouTube to be some sort of star”
In wrapping up this interview, Amber has left us with a few words:
1. Don’t be afraid but always be comfortable.
2.There are no rules in the YouTube or blogging world, do what pleases you, produce content for yourself as, if you love it, the chances are others will.
3.MAC Russian Red lipstick. My life without this beauty would be a bland one.
You can check out more of AmberIsTheNewBlack via her blog or YouTube. You can also follow her on twitter @AmberIsTheBlack