“This one is for G…..I still see you driving down the California coastline”
This post is dedicated to number 33……..I’m still your biggest fan.
I’m starting a new series on this here blog of mines. I have officially grown tired of writing about music, art, and fashion. Decided to switch gears and get back to the sole purpose of what this blog was created for. As you can tell by the title of the post you guys are in for a treat. I thought that I would start a year journey on life after undergraduate. Now I know many have done this, but hey I thought doing it from my perspective would be better. From now until the beginning of 2016 I will do a once a month post on postgraduate life. Let’s get into what my life has been like since graduating 4 weeks ago.
The other day I was scrolling down my timeline on twitter and came across a tweet a former colleague had tweeted. We both graduated from the same class, and the same school. She posted “Postgrad update: 1 month since graduation. I’m washed up, but my sims are very successful“.The funny thing about her tweet was that I was actually playing the Sims till 3 in the morning. But her tweet had me pondering something so heavy throughout the night. Is this really what we are doing? Are we washed up? Are our Sims more successful than us? Am I eating stale crackers? OMG I’M BROKE!
I am not completely broke, but a girl would like to shop you know? Adult life is boring if you let it become that. A week ago I refused to let adult life make me hate life because of going to school. Yes I am currently working at a clothing boutique and not a 401k job. For some reason I actually like not working an entry level job at this moment. I get to spend time doing what I love to do, and prepare for a life changing decision  (6 months from now you can read all about it). I also get to spend additional time building my blog up and my mini empire.

At the end of the day my mother has put all five children through school. She has gotten two through college. And out the two one just so happened to be the first female in the family to go all the way. So yes I may not have the fancy job, but I have something that is worth more. I have my happiness, and my dreams. Both are becoming reality for me each and everyday.

At this stage in my life I just have to be patient, and wait on God. I do not know what he is up to, but I keep hearing him say “Bri’ stay ready my child….stay ready”