” I’m so close that I cannot even speak on it”
Back with a second entry with the Postgraduate Series on RebelliousRebelBlog.
 Fourth of July is this Friday and I thought I would incorporate an OOTD within this post. I have not put together an outfit for the 4th since 2011. But for some reason I was feeling festive and decided to get in the spirit. I borrowed this jacket and hat ( more so took ) from Drew of SettingMyFuture. He was cleaning out his closet and I was like “Hey kid you want that?“. If you cannot tell already but this is a actual US Olympic Team jacket. Talk about a win win situation over here. I paired the jacket with my American Apparel polka dot pencil dress. Just added the cap to give the overall look a tomboyish feel. For the shoes I just wore my boots which in my opinion makes the look more patriotic.
Since the month of June has come and gone I just been evaluating my life. In the last few days I have realized that plans do indeed change. You can one day sit and write out your goals for six months, but then halt them to be completed in 2 months. As I grow further into my instincts and new found ambition I now know some things are longer negotiable. Some homeboys and homegirls that you once kicked it with are no longer kickable ( makes sense in my head just flow with it). You realized who is going to make it to the top and who is going stay stuck at the bottom. You then will realized that some hate your potential because they can’t figure out how to release theirs. Now I am not knocking them, but I just no longer do guilt.
In addition to that, I am beginning to see more clearer who are the posers , plotters and predators. Here’s some  advice; if you ever want to figure out who they are just sit, be quiet and listen. Its when you listen to the words coming out of their mouths you see them for who they are. In the past, I use to speak on everything I saw, but now I just leave it to God. When I do that I can stay focus on the task at hand. And the  task at hand is me and my dreams.
In summary, I am on the verge of a major breakthrough. There is no deviating from my lane at this stage in my life. Like my quote; I’m so close that I cannot even speak on it. When you know that you are close to your major blessing one must not mess up. I wish I could sit here and tell you guys what I am planning, but I can’t. Some things are better left unsaid and unspoken. You just have to wait and see.