“The question is not if I should? The question should be why not?”-Boutzie’


We live our lives according to what society says but never live according to what our hearts say. Consistently trying to uphold a standard that we did not orchestrate. All the while trying to live a life we know that is not for us. The daily struggle of trying to be this or that, and never once stopping to think about our true desires. There is a war that goes on inside of us every day that we try to ignore. The battle between if I should? or Why not? There comes a time in life where I must say, why not?

In these last couple of weeks, I have had the opportunity to sit amongst some very insightful people. And in the midst of their presences, I gathered some useful wisdom. In order to be what we were born to be, we have to leave the baggage of yesterday behind. Yes, it has helped shape who we are, but like every good fling, we have to fold it and close it. Nothing should be the end all or be all for us. There is so much out there that we have not seen yet, and despite the chaos of the world we need to seek it. We have to understand the importance of what gets our energy and what is allowed in our space. These little pieces of nuggets have helped me understand the existence of my being. To finally to see and acknowledge what the reality of my life should be.

Life is not about if I should, but why not. Why not go for it and see where it takes you? Why not say I like you and love you to the person you feel connected to? Why not? Life is not about being calculated. Yes, you can be calculated, but you have to balance everything with a flow. Allow your desires that are positive to overtake you. Let God take those desires and manifest them into something way beyond your wildest dreams. Share the story and sing the song you always wanted to. Be not afraid of the masses, but ever so open to joys of the world. We are all awkward and weird, but that is what makes us beautiful. Sometimes we fall with our intentions, but we can get back up and make them pure again. Sometimes we over think the connections we have encountered due to fears. We are only given one life while on this earth and we need to make the best of it.

So I am screaming why not because I have nothing to loose. And neither do you.