“You can’t go back. That was our model from day one.We hustle until we break and we when we break we get back up, move on, and never look back”-Lovepainink

I do not know where to start with this post. I can start with the questions of where have I been? What have I been up to? Why have I just stop writing? In all honesty and truth, I have been afraid to write. There has been so much hesitation in my spirit in these last few months. And you all know that I do not put out mediocre writings or work. When it comes to my craft I give it my all because it’s all that I have. And when it comes to sharing my thoughts everything has to be processed and assessed.

 All my creative juices have been sucked from me. My time has been spent writing reports, group work, projects, and everything else in between. That I was starting to forget about me and my dreams. Even so much so, that I started to neglect RebelliousRebel.  When I start to neglect something that I spent time building, one must reflect.

Understanding who you are and what you are in this life is important to maintain. You gotta take everything about you into account. Knowing what makes you tick and not tick is an essential you have to nurture. You have to harvest your positive energy while throwing out your negative energy. Being keen to observing your surroundings and remaining quiet in those surroundings. Taking every lemon and scrap of meat that is not good for you, and turning it into something that is. Basically changing your perspective on what was and focusing on what is. Pressing forward and refusing to let anything stop you or hinder you from reaching your potential.

My creative juices that I had were sucked from me by negative forces, not of my own. Those forces were pulling on me from every direction there was. I was drained. I was weary. I was done. And then, I was replenished and restored with my juices. I encountered a new perspective that changed all of that. My potential is far greater that those forces; more powerful than those forces. I realized that I have always been a fighter and that my set is mean when it swings. I understood that this is the last test before the glow up.

And like I said before…….that glow up bout’ to be real.