“I marched today for my mom…….she was proud of me.”-Boutzie’

Sometimes words are not enough to describe a powerful moment.

Sometimes you have to let the pictures do the talking.

You have to let that moment be.

Let that moment fuel you.

Sometimes you just have to live in that moment.

Be a part of that second.

That min.

That hour.

Cause in that moment history can be made.

And yesterday history was made globally.

And God let it.

Ladies spoke up.

Children spoke up.

Our cries were not full of sorrow.

But full of light and fight.

And we are saying we will not go quietly in the night.

Our pussies are not up for grabs.

And our world is not up for destruction and corruption.

I have hope.

I have love.

I have peace.

Cause change was made by a quarter to three.


Disclaimer: Some of the pictures belong to me and to Anna Skodbo