“I honestly haven’t noticed a decrease in viewership.”-Lynn Nguyen

There have been slight crickets on RebelliousRebel, but you all know that is how I roll. I spend my time curating the best content for you guys. I am still living up to my motto of giving you all the best. And if that means a few months of silence then so be it. It’s the end of the year and I thought what better way to end it with a featured artist of the week. What better way to give you guys some inspiration to get you in the mood for the new year. To begin tackling your creative endeavors head on and get the juices flowing. And who better not to get your juices flowing but visual artist Lynn Nguyen.

I have been saving this particular artist for quite some time now. She is like a fine wine that has gotten so good with time. I originally came across her via her blog Pyrrhics a year ago. It was not until the beginning of this year that I stumbled upon her artwork.

Lynn Nguyen is a visual media artist, illustrator, and videographer from Sydney, Australia. Her work is heavily influenced by folklore, vampire films, and the era of Dark Romanticism. In her spare time, she often plays around with gifs and digitally corrupting/deconstructing files using a binary editor.

Lynn’s work reflects the attributes of the Dark Romanticism era. The work she produces signifies a fascination with melancholia and a strong sensual desire of lust, love, and insanity. Her pieces are what I call modern post-Dark Romanticism art. Incorporating elements of the past traditional art along with current digital art techniques. She has taken traditional drawing techniques to new levels by digital remastering her pieces. Giving us a combination of animation and still imagery. Thus, making us see the beauty and the poetic nature of her artwork.

I am an advocate that visual art is more than just photography. It is art that can be explored and experimented with to create extraordinary pieces. I believe you can mix any form of art and media together to bring to life your imaginative vision. To change people perspective that art is more than paint. Lynn Nguyen artwork brings to life just that very thing. She gives us a glimpse into her mind; providing us with this escapism through her work that transcends our perception of what an artist is supposed to be. Lynn is a visualist and she expresses who she is through whatever form she uses.

And that is what being a visual artist about.

Expressing your true self through any form of visual media.

To follow and see more of Lynn Nguyen work visit her here, here, and here.