“Then there are people like me….who avoid scenes.”-Boutzie’

By nature, I am standoffish and reclusive. I am introverted and silent upon arrival. That does not mean I’m unfriendly, but it means that I’m just simply observing my surroundings. And I tend to do that when I enter into scenic atmospheres or discern the cliques. Some would argue and state that the above quote is a lie. While some would back me and say it is the truth. But that is not the reason why I am writing this piece. I am writing this piece because I want to clear my mind and the air. I want to let others know who are like me that they are not alone. And that it is okay to not want to be a part or be associated with any scenes. To just fly and do you.

The scene I see today, compared to yesterday, is extra generic and superficial. I often ask myself who is truly a ‘mover and shaker‘ or who is just here for the likes? Who is here just to be gassed up? And who will be relevant in five years? And are they just doing this for sake of doing this? These questions I have to state to myself. It’s mostly a reminder to not get caught up or out there with the wrong people. To make sure that what I am doing does not get tainted.

I do not consider myself to be a part of any groups, cliques, or scenes. I find them to be entirely exhausting and time-consuming. To me personally, scenes have the power to keep you stuck. They have this hold that can be detrimental to your overall growth as a person. Scenes can shift and alter your perception on what is real and what is not. Truthfully, they can make you miss out on major opportunities and blessings. A majority of the time they can keep you bound and shackled to one way of thinking. Never allowing you to explore all there is and what could be.

So yes. I avoid. All scenes, groups, and cliques. I pick or God picks those he wants me to interact with. I always observe and discern my environments to extreme extents. I keep my distance from scenes that could be harmful to my brand. I even keep my distance from key players in those scenes. You have to be very careful and mindful today of what you associate yourself with. You need to understand the complexities of what is going on in those scenes. To fully grasped who is true and who may not be for you. To see what is real and what is not. To only resurface when need be not because you should be.

It is okay to fly solo and be solo.

You know Jesus had associates but was always alone.