“I have always been the one to be like let’s all get it, this season I’m like no let me get it.”-Boutzie’


The above quote and photograph are reflections of my inner being. Always remaining in the cut and keeping my observations close to my heart. Blurring the lines between confidence and transparency. All the while finally embracing my due season and due time. None the less, let me give you all a breakdown as to why the title of this post is my truth.

It takes a lot to own your truth and own who you are. We are constantly being told by society that we must be this or risk being rejected. The funny thing about society is that it consistently rejects itself. It comes up with all these rules and regulations that do not produce fruitful prosperity. Then we as humans, sit and think, how we must alter ourselves to fit societal norms. We come up with all these reasons as to why we must be this or that. And when we finally cave in, society turns around and rejects us. So do you understand when I say society constantly rejects itself?

When I finally realized this theory and understood a light bulb went off in my head. If society rejects itself, why am I breaking my back to fit society? Why am I disregarding my being, my dreams, and goals? Why am I rejecting myself for society? What has society done for me, but bring me constant frustration and annoyance? There are no more apologies and excuses to relinquish society behavior towards humans. Breaking the system is the only way to fix the system.

Which brings me to my conclusion in reference to the above quote. I will always continue to be for the progression of a better society. I will continue to be a solution and not a problem. I will always be for the underdog and nothing less. But in this season I am deciding to be completely selfish and get what is mines. I have paid my dues and gave my time. I have said goodbyes to loved ones who won’t get to see me make it. And I have dealt with pain and abuse to become who I am today. And for the first time in my life, I feel confident and transparent in all areas.

So no, I am not stepping on the backs of society, but more so stepping around society. Continuing to go up the ladder but with a new perspective. It is my time and I’m getting mines. God said so.

In the end, it is every man for themselves. And I am for myself today.

For the first time.

Disclaimer: Working on a collaborative project with GS Collection in relation to my research thesis.