“Don’t give up.”-Laura Perry


For a while now, I have been trying to bring back the style aspects on RebelliousRebel. The word ‘style‘ has so many connotations to it. When you think of the word style, you automatically think of fashion. Now granted, that is okay, but what does the word style really mean? What is it reflecting when we use it to describe ourselves? What style are we creating? And how is this style describing us?

A style is what you do and not what you wear. It is something that gives you the motivation to take a risk. To try something that you would never do. To seek things and go beyond what you have been accustom to. To create your own lane and thrive in it. And when I came across Laura Perry, I knew she created her own lane as a designer.

I was introduced to Laura Perry at a postgraduate exhibition showcase in London. I was drawn to her collection and knew there was something unique/different about it. With a background in printed textiles, her collection is a reflection of her love for print. She has combined elements of illustration, graphical art, and laser cuttingRiin. The collection demonstrates that you can intermix multiple design elements to create interchangeable pieces.

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There is more to her than her collection. From our conversation, I was able to gather that she is hungry. And when I say hungry, I mean she is hungry to grow and to learn. To push the boundaries of quality over quantity. Giving us, the people, a piece of her dedication, determination, and resilience. Showing us that, if you have a dream you must follow through with it. To not be afraid of the process, but to embrace the journey with gusto. And to find yourself as a designer, artist, or creator. Never doubting who you are and what you are capable of.

So what is Laura Perry style? In my opinion, it is a cross blend of luxury and design experimentation. She is taking what she has learned thus far and using it to establish her visual identity. Creating her own market and producing what she feels will have longevity in an industry that is constantly changing. Making sure that whatever she creates resembles quality over quantity. All the while keeping her attention to detail strong and her creative atmosphere pure. Riding a wave that she believes will propel her further into her dream.

To see more of her work and to follow her visit Instagram | Laura Perry

 Photography for Laura Perry collection was shot by Curtis Lewis.

Model: Laura Seraficeanu

Disclaimer:  Article has been updated with minor corrections since published.