“Collaborate with people who are like you.”-Boutzie’

Over the summer I was feeling inspired to collaborate with some creatives. I have been waiting months to share this collaboration with the beautiful and talented Aimee Taylor.

As always, you all know, that I tend to keep a close eye on those hidden gems lurking about. I’m always inspired and motivated by creatives who are not well known yet. It’s like discovering something so pure before it becomes tainted. And when I say tainted, I do not necessarily mean in a bad way.

I came across Aimee Taylor via social media. I was immediately drawn to her work because it resembled a classic Tim Burton film. Her illustration and my design style are one in the same. Our collaboration concept was determined by mixing our styles together.With her skill flare being more illustration based, I was able to feed off that with a more graphical art feel. I wanted to enhance the drawing illustration by contrasting the black and white tones. I played around with the threshold and made sure the white background was cleaned and crisped.To progress forward with the piece I wanted to add some design elements. I love designing posters and flyers with tastefully placed quotes. So I decided to construct two different poster styles with the quote strategically place in certain spaces.

In the end, I wanted us to have fun with this project. In a way, you can call this a freestyle collaboration with minor structure. There was really no set idea, but just two people trying something different.

That is the beauty of collaborating with people who share the same mindset as you. You end up creating and producing pieces that will one day manifest into something great.

To view more of Aimee Taylor work please click her name.