“I been in London for ten days and still ain’t got no phone.”-Boutzie’

The above statement particularly describes my current state. I have been in London for ten days and have been on the go non-stop. Living in a state of constant transition and full throttle adulthood. None the less it has been exciting. And I cannot complain one bit. Transitioning can be a daunting task and it is not for the weak of heart. But that is the beauty of life right? Transitioning and revamping into something greater. Or transitioning out of one place and into a new place.

So far the normality of my former life has diminished since being here in London. I have done some things outside my comfort zone that I would not normally do in Baltimore. I have interacted with some beautiful souls and learned a lot in these ten days. I was a small sponge back home, but now I soaking up so much that I am expanding.

So has the transition been worth it? Was taking a risk worth it all? After thuggin’ it out in a hotel for a week, lugging four bags around town, and having little to no funds? Why yes it has been worth it so far. I do not know what will happen while I am here. Not sure and honestly I am open to whatever. Focusing on the now and postponing the later.

I’m back and it feels so good to be here.