“You must want to spend the rest of your life with yourself first”-Rupi Kaur 




I have been a lover of reading and writing for as long as I can remember. I have been fascinated with escaping the realities of life through a book. And when I came across this particular piece of literature I knew I had to read it. In the age of technology, there is a new way to read, but I am old fashioned in some aspects. I have this urge to feel the pages flicker through my fingers and the spine of the book crack with every bend. Feeling the texture of a book and the smoothness of the pages sends me into a euphoric feeling. And reading artist Rupi Kaur pieces made me feel strong and vital in a dormant reality.

I very rarely speak on RebelliousRebel of the things that bring excitement into my life. I also very rarely write about things that are a reflection of my personal pleasure moments. Yes, I am a nerd, and I like to read a good book on a cozy Friday night. But this particular book is full of power and strength. And I could not rest until I shared it with you all.

The book, Milk and Honey, is a collection of written pieces divided into four chapters. The book focuses on the survival of abuse, love, transition, and healing. Living through all stages of grief and knowing how to embrace the life you been given. Rupi Kaur takes her readers through all trials and tribulations of the human psyche. Giving us hope that when we finally start to love ourselves then everything else will fall into place.

Here is my take on Milk and Honey:

The book gives life.

The book gives hope. 

The book gives strength. 

The book gives motivation. 

Milk and Honey is one piece of literature that I recommend to all.

To know more of Rupi Kaur you can visit her site | RK

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