“The motive is to stay creative, encourage positivity and change and to keep my sanity.”-Shè



New Series: Visionary of the Month.

I like to keep things progressing by switching up the flavor a little bit. My mind is constantly racing with new ways to bring you guys closer to people, places, and things you can resonate with. And I always have the pleasure of interacting with people who I feel are positively reflecting a culture that I’m a part of.

I came across Shè two years ago and immediately fell in love with her work. In a sea full of  modern age photographers, her work stands out amongst the crowd. Her creative direction for her work is captivating. All the while blurring the lines between fashion editorial and urban photography. Giving us a reflection and connection to the very things that influence her. She bridges the gap between urban aesthetic while showing us different elements of modernism. There is a great amount of grit and depth portrayed throughout her work. Never leaving you content or satisfied, but wanting more of it.

I can go further into detail about this creative, but I will save it for later in the year. This is a visionary and  artist you should keep your eyes on. I see her and her brand reaching their full potential.

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PSA: Special project for RR coming soon later in the year.