“You know being a CMA major is great cause the media can’t finesse me.”-Boutzie’

Where shall we start on this subject? And where shall we end on this subject?  I have been neglecting writing this post for one simple reason; TO MUCH TRUTH AND REALNESS. Or maybe it is the fact that some pitchforks may come my way. And some people may get checked, signed, sealed, and delivered. None the less, this post needed to be written because so much is riding on it.

For the last three years, I have been boycotting ( personally ) and not buying fashion magazines. I grew tired of reading and flipping through the same material as the previous issues. I was also tired of seeing the same faces and models in those magazines. Even now, when I still go into the periodicals section in Barnes and Nobles, I still cringe. Why are there no faces like me on the covers? Why are Asian models only use for oriental editorials? Why the lack of diversity? Those questions I ponder and then realize the answer. Media is the culprit to so much separatism and racial division. The media has the power to influence and change the perspectives of how we as humans view the world.

With all the events that have taken place in these last couple of weeks brings me to this. We have to STAY WOKE. We as people have to take the bull by the horns, and not let media distract us from the end goal. The end goal of being united as one and not divided. To understand and know the difference between love and hate. To accept each other for who we are. To keep the momentum going to see the change we want to see. To focus on progressing the human race forward  and not backwards.

So stay woke in the midst of distractions. Stay woke in the midst of chaos and confusion. Continue to protest and march for a change. Continue to write about those hidden gems in our communities doing something positive for the greater good of humanity. Getting passed our opinions and views on politics, and voting for the lesser of the two evils.Vote even if you do not agree with or like Hilary.  See the bigger picture and not what media sensationalize. Know the truth and speak the truth even when adversity hits.

But always stay woke.