” Black people were conditioned to turn on each other, that’s why there is so much black on black crime.”-Boutzie’

Where do I begin? Where do I even start? These are the questions I ponder to myself when I am trying to formulate my words on a serious topic. I have kept my lips closed for quite some time on this topic because, for one, I get really passionate about it. So much so, that I have to remind myself why I am. And the reason why I am is because I’m black and I’m proud.

Growing up black in the “Hood”, you are exposed to black on black crime, and white on black crime. But there is an overwhelming shadow that focuses more on black crime. Granted black people hurt, harm, and kill each other. We all know this and we all see this, but none the less we need to understand why.  If you are an avid researcher or history nerd like I am, then you want to know the root cause of this. Black people were conditioned to turn on each and become blinded by the incentives/trinkets. They were taught early on that if you sell out your race then you will be rewarded. They were also taught that light skin blacks were better and dark skin blacks were not, but at the end of the day you still a nigga to them.  We are still considered savages and animals based on the fact of how we treat each other. Which in returns creates this continuation of black men, women, and children dying by the hands of police officers.  Racism, segregation, hatred and prejudice never left. This country has put band-aids on those wounds in hopes of them going away. Hoping that it would vanish and heal on its own. Hoping that your black friend would not peep how much of a bigot you are.  Hoping that your white friend does not see that you really feel “some type of way” about that black joke.

So how do we stop all these mass killings of blacks by police officers? How do we stop the genocides happening in our own ethnic communities? How do we put an end to the stigma placed on us by white western culture? We have to stop hating and killing each other. We have to stand up and continue to be proud of where we come from. We cannot change the fact that we are African-American, African, Hispanic, Asian, Persian and or Indian. Knowing who we are as people is very imperative today. The separatism and division amongst races today needs to end. It’s time for this world to progress forward and live in unity. It is time for this country to see that racism needs to end or the US won’t progress forward. It is time for a change by the people for the people.

None the less I’m black and I’m proud because I know where came from, who I am, and where I’m going.