” B you have to go to London so that you won’t get stuck”-Micheal 2012


I love how Facebook tells me that it has been 19 days since I last posted anything in regards to RebelliousRebel I love it even more that my site tells me it has been months since I last written anything from my perspective ( personally). Isn’t that funny? How time keeps track of us, but we don’t keep track of time? We become complacent with our surroundings and never stop to think, what else is out there?

For these last several months I have been soul searching. More like gathering my thoughts and getting my life in order. If you read my last Postgrad Diaries , you would know that I am leaving for London soon. And I can’t help but feel excited and thrilled to know that I will be embarking on this journey. A journey in which I have cried, prayed and worked hard for. But in the midst of all that I am feeling so much relief and joy.  A relief that I am getting out of Baltimore and going further. Dreams of doing more and being more than just a somebody from Baltimore.  I have always known since I was little that I would get out, just never knew when.

With that mindset, I have a lot of people telling me to come back and pull someone else out. To never forget where I come from and blah blah blah. Of course, I know all these things and it is in my nature to always want to help the underdog.  But I learned from past experiences and lessons that God is going to send me those underdogs. He will send me those who he feels that are in need of hope and saving.  And I will know that they are the ones from God because not every underdog needs saving.

So in addition to all of that, I get to be selfish in this season and journey of my life. I get the opportunity to work smarter and not harder. I finally get the chance to fully embrace my purpose and calling on my life.  And I finally, get to say with a genuine soul that I am loving life now and nothing will shake that. The problems and assumptions of others no longer phase me. There is no need for me to stress out and feel guilty for wanting to get out. No need for me to turn down God blessings for my life any longer. I know who I am and what I am. A child of God, a warrior, a fighter,  and a young African-American woman on a mission with a mission. And nothing is going to stop or hinder me from completing that mission.

I am ready. I am set. I am going.

Photography was shot by Stephen J. Powell and edited by Boutzie