“Things don’t always go how you want, but you just have to trust God.”-Nissy Tee 


Everybody in the world has something to offer. Everyone in the world is creative in their own right. Each of us has been given a light. A light to brighten up a dark place. We are supposed to use our platforms to not only bring about a change but to unite people all across the globe. And that is what Nissy Tee is doing. One step at a time.

It’s very rare in this time period  to come across people with kindred natures. A nature that inspires people to be all that they can be in this world. I had the opportunity to interview Nissy Tee and find out why is her passion so deeply rooted in motivating people.

In talking with her, I was able to gather how she is using media to promote self-awareness and self-love. She is teaching those around her to expand their horizons and  break away from restrictions. She believes that we can achieve this by continuing to feed our souls with spiritual nourishment from God. She is showing us that no matter what we must keep God at the forefront and never in the back. To remain steadfast and positive when situations not of our control take place.

As our conversation continued, she opens up about community outreach. She talks about how growing up in East London has shaped her perspective on life. She goes on to add that everyone is hustling and trying to get out but also trying to give back.  In her opinion, she believes that God has given her so many opportunities for greatness to give a blessing of hope to others. And her current strategy of making sure that this happens in by pushing her brand. A brand that showcases a key motto of being educated and being beautiful. That with a strong educational background you can build more opportunities for future generations.

Life is full of blessings and inspiration. God has placed Nissy Tee in a position to empower us to be better. She teaches us as females to remain classy in the midst of adversity. To seek and fulfill all of our dreams while keeping our confidence.  To know that with God all things are possible. Her ambitious spirit will continue to transcend and flow into the things that she loves. It will continue to push and motivate those around her into respectable greatness. And while all that is taking place and blossoming, her legacy is establishing itself. A legacy of changing the narrative and expecting the best.

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