“When you follow someone too much you tend to do the same things I don’t want that .”-NH

The saying anyone can pick up a camera is an understatement. The photography world is rapidly growing and changing. Gone the days where we are only able to see beautiful striking pictures in Vogue.We have entered into a new realm where person’s are breaking cultural norms and making their own mark. It’s always a pleasure to come across person’s within my area of interest. It’s also wonderful to see young women in my field succeeding and going beyond what is expected of them. There are no limitations to what we as women can do. If we set our minds to it, then we can achieve it.You can be anywhere, in any moment of your life, doing anything that brings excitement to your life. And that is what Nailah Howze of  Cloudnaiii.com has done.

Nailah Howze is a California-based photographer who is currently serving in the United States Airforce. As always, I had the opportunity to interview her, and see what she does differently in the world of photography.

I recently came across her work via a retweet on my timeline. I loved how she was able to capture the true essences and personality of her subjects. Not to mention the laid back vibe and feel of  the west coast. Her work reflects the current state of our society and culture ( BlackGirlsRock, Women of Color in Media).While keeping our attention focus on the diversity and complexities of her subjects.

As our conversation begins, she opens up to me that the driving force behind her work is self-motivation. She goes on to add that when you have that drive you are able to recover from anything. We then shifted forward and she states that her camera has only been in her possession for a few months. From viewing her work, one would assume that she has been shooting for quite some time. She shares that she has always been interested in photography. And that this has been her dream for a very long time.

The majority of her photography depicts women of color in a beautiful intriguing way. She found that majority of the women she met wanted to model. But being that they were not “light” enough hindered a lot of them. Nailah shares that a lot of photographers are not eager to learn the settings on their camera. She goes on to say that you have to play with the settings in order to capture the full color and beauty. With that in mind, she is able to bring forth the best features in people. Allowing them to see that they are beautiful beyond what they could ever imagine.

Her work is influenced by everyone. She is inspired by certain moments and looks that will transcend into her art. The main goal behind her approach is to continue to seek those “hidden gems” that may not have a sea of followers.Who’s skin complexions are beyond beautiful. She wants to bring to life those visions to help them get recognition.

Every photographer, creative genius or person wants to leave behind a legacy. They want the world to know what impact they had on society. For Nailah, there is no end goal. Despite all the odds and circumstances, she wants to continue the excitement. Bringing women together and being able to teach/share whatever knowledge she has acquired. In hearing that, I know her work will leave a legacy of longevity and veneration. That will let future photographers know that your work is a reflection of you.

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