“I have dreams way bigger than Baltimore ya know? There’s more to life than this.”-Boutzie’



There is a saying in the church, “No matter where you are the church is in you“.  I often times find myself repeating that phrase with a different scenario. That no matter where I am at Baltimore is in me. For a very long time, I had trouble with understanding my environment. I would constantly ask questions while seeking the answers. In life, you are often left with not knowing the answers to some questions. But in the same token, you are given an opportunity to understand the clarity of those questions. I myself have seen the clarity of my questions and what is about to manifest from them.

Four years ago I embarked on a journey. A journey that came about when I was watching the summer Olympics. I was sitting in my room and was watching the match between Canada and the US women’s soccer team. In a blink of an eye, I got this sudden urge. An urge to take a risk while being filled with determination. I said out loud I think I want to go to London. And the only way I knew how was through my school.

I returned to school that Fall semester 2012 with this ambitious spirit. I only had two weeks to get my application in for study abroad. I was literally running around like a mad woman. And the only assistance I had was God and my advisors. In the midst of all that, I found myself doubting if I would get accepted. A friend at the time assured me that I would be going because I had to. He said I had to go to London in order to not get stuck. And he was right because one month later I found out I was going to London.

Someone once told me to always dream big. And another person always told me to have faith. For the last two years, I always dreamed that one day I would be going back. I had faith that in God’s timing I would be going back. For the last several months I have been withholding some news. I have only shared with a select few. And the reason being is because I was once again doubting the blessing. I didn’t believe it has happened to me again. But some things have occurred to make me see otherwise. In the coming months, I will be transitioning into a new life. I will be going back to London to study for my MA in Design Communication. I will be embarking on a journey to leave a familiar place to go another place that’s sort of familiar.

Life is no longer about asking questions or seeking answers. It’s about living and doing. Living life and doing what you love in life. And once you have recovered, prepared, and transitioned the journey becomes clear. Thus pushing you to make your dreams reality. I am ready now to see new horizons. I am ready to hit the ground running and turn my dreams into reality.

Never stop dreaming. Never stop believing. And never stop hoping.

PSA: If you would like to help me get to London, click the link down below.