” It’s harvest time and I’m glad I learned what I learned this year to prepare to reap. “-Boutzie’

The year has been full of lessons and tests. Full of conquers and victories. Full of tears and frustrations. I have learned so much about God, myself, my ability and capabilities. I want to share with my readers what I have learned. Just a bit of wisdom and truth that you can take with you into your new year.

One. |  Know Your Worth.

One thing that I learned a great deal this year was knowing my worth. Knowing that, I bring something to the table. Understanding that I am just as great as the next person. When you embrace your worthiness, nothing can shake you. You can walk away from situations that are draining. You can stand up to those places, persons or things that tried to hinder you before. God gives us the ability to fight, and you have to fight for your worth. Never let anyone or anything in this world tell you that you’re not worth it.

Two. |  Get Rid of the Posers.

During this year, I had to step back and truly observe who was a poser. I realized that in order for me to keep myself in order, they had to go. If you believe in something so heavily and you have a pure heart; keep going. If you are passionate and truly supportive of those within your industry; keep going. If you see the impostors, the pimps, and the imitators; remove yourself from them.  Keeping your purpose and creative atmosphere secured is a must. Keeping it from being tainted by those with hidden agendas is a must. In doing so, you will continue to grow, thrive and be of true inspiration.

Three. |  It’s Okay to say Goodbye to Old Friends.

As I began my journey of spiritual growth and understanding, I knew some friendships would be lost on the way.  In the past, I use to hold onto friendships that were no longer bearing fruit. I wanted so badly to take certain people with me, but deep down I knew they could not go. I knew that I was growing and they were not.  In life, you have to realize that not everyone will go with you. You have to understand that people do grow and change. Never be afraid to say goodbye to old friends. Never be afraid to let the conversation drift off and end. Never be afraid to walk away.  It’s better to end the friendship on a positive note, then to end it on a negative one. There will be new people you will meet on the journey. They will become your new friends.

Four. |  Cut off the Flings. 

We all have that one number in our phones. That one number that we can’t seem to delete because we are holding on. Holding on to that number that won’t change. That number who still is doing the same thing and nothing different. Yes, we want that number to be all that we want it to be. But deep down we know it won’t. Removing that number, those calls, those texts, those pictures will help. We have to cut off the flings that will not prosper.  We have so much more to offer than a late night phone conversation.

Five. |  Stop Making an Effort for People Who will not make an Effort for You. 

One revelation I had to accept was that above. Stop making myself accessible to people who would not make themselves accessible to me.  I had to stop allowing people to use me for my gifts, skills, and talents. Telling myself that they are not truly for me. When you begin the process of revelation, you begin to awaken your true self. You know that you are an asset wherever you go. And that you do not have to give up yourself to people. If they will not make an effort to support you, honor you, strengthen you; then speak blessings and walk out the door.

Six. | Not Every Collaboration is a Collaboration. 

Stop collaborating with people who would not even pay you for your services.  I had to quickly get this truth into my head. Everyone loves a collaboration, but will not even pay for your services. If people see that your work is phenomenal, they will try to capitalize off of it. They will try to use it for their own personal gain. If they won’t give you credit for the collaboration, then don’t waste your time. God will send the right people your way to collaborate with you.  They will speak of your work, honor your work, and give you credit for your work. Never rush into something that you know deep down is not right.

Seven. |  LIVE. 

I got a new lease on life last year. I was afraid to live this year. I was afraid to live in my blessing because of fear. Fear of not believing it was real, but now I see that it was. I want everyone in 2016 to stop talking about living and actually live. Stop posting online that you are living and just actually live. Go to the concert, the show, the festival or whatever. Go without the camera and your cell phone. Live in the moment and not in the past. Seek the present, but look forward to the future. Tell the girl that you love her and hope for the best. Tell your love ones you forgive them and love them. Conquer the demons that you keep at bay. Embrace your spiritual journey and pray with God. Open up the door of  possibilities and flourish in them. Turn off the technology and turn on your soul. Enjoy the seasons and the beauty of the earth. Take the trip and swim in the ocean. And know that you are loved unconditionally no matter what.

The year has come to a close. I have cried and you have cried. I have partied and you have partied. We have shouted and overcame so many challenges. We have taken the final and we have passed. We know who we are and what we able to achieve. Life is nothing more than a journey. And 2015 has proven that we can handle the blessings that are about to come.

My end of the year thought is this:

We made it. We conquered. We ready.

And I hope you all enjoy 2016.