” I use to tell myself in my early days of working that I would not be working under anyone by the time I was 30 “- Boutzie’


Have you ever had this gut feeling that you would be iconic one day? Have you ever felt that you were born to do something greater? Something that would transcend the world in which we live in? I always felt this fire burning deep in my soul. A fire that would always keep simmering no matter what I did to put it out. For the last month or so I have been making some major life decisions. Decisions that will shape and change my life for the better. These decisions could not have come at a better time since my 25th is right around the corner.

As a kid, I always knew I was full of ideas and visions. I would spend time thinking of new ways to make the things around me better. Even now as a young adult, I still have that mindset. And by working for most of a decade, I learned that my ideas are just as good as anyone else. But by working, I knew then at 14 that I did not want to work for or under anyone. I always knew a day would come that I would have to take a risk and just go with what I knew was best.

I am not at a crossroads in my life but more so a turning point.  I have wrestled for many months with my true calling. I have sat in silence making sure that this is what I want and what God wants. Understanding that this is what I was born to do. I have legacies to leave behind for the next generation. I have people who are close to me that I want to see progress in life. I have a need to see my fellow creatives flourish in an environment suited for them. I have words of wisdom, hope, and truth from God that people need to hear. Messages that empower the human race to be hopeful and full of faith. That no matter what the dream will manifest. You just have to hold on to what you know.

So here I am taking a risk. Doing what makes me happy and what will fulfill God’s plans for my life. Knowing that all the preparation was for this very moment. A moment that will take me higher and not under. A moment that will change the lives of others. No matter what I just know what I am supposed to be doing.

I just know.