“Look sometimes you gotta wake up in the morning and just tell God; a miracle will happen today.”-Boutzie’

Photography was shot by Settingmyfuture.

Photography was shot by Settingmyfuture.

Every day when I wake up in the morning I say a little prayer. A prayer that consist of thanking God for blessing me to see another day. I then begin to set my day with a prayer of keeping me, my family and those in the world safe. I then go on to ask God to let a miracle happen throughout the day. A miracle for either myself, my family or for those in the world.  I woke up this morning and said that exact prayer and a miracle happened before the 1 o’clock hour.

Miracles do exist people. We just have to be open and receptive to receiving them. If you believe in miracles, then you believe in hope. You believe that something good can happen at any given moment. A moment that you prayed for before hand.

Meditation and prayer are keen essentials for everyday survival. You must pray and meditate in the morning, the afternoon and the evening. You must learn and discipline yourself to find your center with your deity. You have to establish yourself in prayer so that you can receive the blessings God has for you. Prayer is the key in the morning and the lock in the evening.

Morning prayers clean your soul, mind, and body. Whatever you ask for in your prayers shall be answered throughout the day. You will see signs of them in various things, people, places or situations. You have to know that when you pray your day will be filled with joy and peace. We all have to pray regardless if you believe in God or not.

I pray every day and every evening. I pray for those I do not know. I pray for my family. I pray for my bishop. And I pray for the world. My prayers are selfless acts due to my desire to see everyone living with peace and joy.

So yeah, I wake up in the morning and say a prayer expecting God to do miracles for you. Just as he has done for me.