“Remind yourself that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.”- MathieuAjan

Photography belongs to MathieuAjan.

Photography belongs to MathieuAjan.

Photography belongs to MathieuAjan.

Inspiration comes in many forms. It can either be from nature, things, and or places. We as humans tend to grab inspiration from many sources. Some of those sources can be from the past, present or future. But one thing is clear; we obtain inspiration from each other.

The majority of my inspiration comes from myself. I rarely seek out inspiration from man. In order for me to gather inspiration from man, they have to speak to my soul. Whatever they are singing, producing, creating or inventing has to feed my spirit. Inspiration is equivalent to spiritual nourishment. If it does not satisfy the spirit then it has no impact. So coming across Mathieu Ajan his work has done the very opposite. It has satisfied my spirit.

Mathieu Ajan is what you would call an “Artrepreneur“. He has managed to incorporate elements of business culture into his brand. All the while keeping his brand artistic identity secured.  This freedom allows him to continue branching out with new ideas and concepts. Concepts that will leave his audience wanting more of the story being shown through his work. A story that has many facets that bring forth a keen depth into the subjects soul.

His work speaks volumes, but it also speaks for him. It feels like you are on a journey into his mind and the message he wants  you to understand.  A message that his surroundings have a purpose.  A purpose that fulfills the desires and needs of his creative vision.  From his work, I see that. There is a force behind his work. He wants us as the viewer to understand the importance of art. That art is not for self-glorification, but the glorification of celebrating each other. When I say that, I necessarily mean to uplift and unify each other.  And what I gather is that he wants us to do that through our art.

Mathieu Ajan is a kindred soul. He transcends all of his emotions, thoughts, ideas, perceptions and words through his art.  And his art is a form of visual communication. He is communicating to us what he feels and sees. He is telling us to grow, love, and enjoy everything that you are doing. To not conform to any patterns of this world. But to live life with an open eye and open soul. To know that everyone, every place, and everything has a story.  A story that will live forever through us.

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