“Right Now” -God


I believe God has been preparing me my whole life for this very moment in time. I believe he allowed me to go through so many situations and experiences to get me here. I believe everything that has happened was supposed to happen so that I could reach this level. I believe all the trials, tribulations, humiliations, heartaches, stress, abuse, and pain prepared me to handle all that; while pushing through to my dreams. I understand now that all of it was supposed to happen for a greater good.

I never really talk about my life story to anyone these days. I did in the past and ended up having to deal with different types of judgment.What I learned from that experience was to be mindful in who you share you with. But I learned to never be ashamed of my childhood upbringing or the environment in which I came from. It has been that very environment that has made me the person I am today.

Never have I stepped back and look at my life. I have countless journals, which have documented my life thus far. They hold the true elements of my past, present, and future self.  Needless to say that my life has been one big story book. And the story is still being written.

For the last several months, I have been recovering and regrouping. Revamping and rediscovering. Old friendships and associates have dismantled. I am in a way so happy that they have.  I move in silence not knowing what they are up to and the same goes for them. My circle is cleaned and prepared for new relationships, associates and acquaintances who have pure intentions and pure hearts.

In addition to my circle being clean, my life has been cleaned also. As cliche as it sounds, I truly can see clearly now that the rain is gone. The curse is broken and I have come through. Things are looking up for me in both the spiritual sense and natural sense. My joy has come back and my fight plus endurance levels are stronger than before.  The world cannot break me because I have peace from God that transcends everything. And I know my worth.

 I am in the right place and the right time in my life. God is preparing me for the victory  that is to come. I have passed all my tests, obstacles, and assessments. I know what to do and what not to do when I get there.  I have made peace with everything and hold no resentment to anyone or anything.  I am in a good place today and I must say that everything was supposed to happen.

The preparation is keen and essential to turn one’s dreams into reality. God has seen me fit to handle this journey while he drives. All I get to do now is sit back and enjoy because I packed the car and he prepared the way.