” I think I have hidden long enough. “- Boutzie’

The more I grow and mature, I find myself slowly decreasing my time entertaining technology. Do not get me wrong I am a gadget girl, but my life is not consumed by it. Since dropping my phone by the waist side, I been enjoying life.  It has been one full year of going phoneless. Can you believe that? A twenty-something without a cell phone to communicate.  I made the decision to go without a phone for many obvious reasons. But the main reason was that I needed a break from all human interaction.

For the last year, I have been taking a break from the world. Relaxing, regrouping and regathering my thoughts to move forward in life. I have spent this one year alone and in solitude. So much so that I no longer make time for people, places or things that disrupt my inner peace. Within this block of time alone, I have managed to dive heavily into my craft and skills. There were no distractions or outside drama hindering me from doing exactly just that.  Just the silence and tranquility of peace fueling my passion.  But with every season of solitude comes a season of emergence.

Once you go into hiding its hard to come out.  You get comfortable with letting yourself go. You even suppress your gift and message for that.  Until you realize that all the work you been working on for a year has a certain kind of potential. The potential that will set you up for something greater. Potential that will make someone else just the same. It then hits you, it’s time, you hid long enough.

I have laid low for a year. Cut off some cut offs for a year. Put distance between me and former creatives. Finally saw the truth of what it is I am truly supposed to be doing. Understanding my desires and God desires are lining up. Realizing that solitude is never a bad thing, but a good thing. Knowing that, I am a force to be reckoned with.  And with all that being said, things have shifted and my emergence is near. Life as I know it has changed. A new life is on the horizon and it is right around the corner.

It’s here. I see it. And I am ready for it.

Let’s go.