“I think I have known for quite some time now that my voice is their voice.  My struggle is their struggle. My reality is their reality.”-Boutzie’

Have you ever pondered how powerful you are in both the natural and spiritual sense? Have you ever envisioned yourself exceeding beyond your expectations? Do you ever feel that fire burning deep down in your soul; and no matter what you do it still creeps up into your throat? That fire of truth that won’t seem to go away. That fire that keeps your thought process turning over and over with every beckoning day. If you have ever been in this sort of  battle, then you are more than welcome to hop into my boat.

I have always been talkative. Always been writing something about something. Getting out those thoughts and words that seemed to stayed bottled up. When I felt that I could never get them out I would just talk them out my system to no in particular. Yes, this may sound borderline crazy, but don’t ever play like you ain’t never talked to yourself.  It would be years later that “no one” in particular would be God.  Just in the corner, listening, and letting me say what I have to say.

Flash forward to now. I am sitting at this computer. Typing on this blog of mines. Expressing my deep inner personal thoughts. Thoughts that come after watching the documentary on Nas Illmatic album. Wondering am I playing with the fire or playing with truth? Or both? I am becoming more clear and conscious of my assignment and purpose. God put me here to share the wealth and knowledge that he has given me. How I intend to go about sharing it is up to me. Key phrase…..up to me.

I came back from London two years ago and I been writing. I finished one journal that is full of songs and poems. And I have recently started writing in another. I have over 300 songs and poems combined waiting for me to put them to use. I have several books inside of me waiting to be published. I have a message that the world needs to hear.

A message that goes like this:

If I can do it so can you.

We all have a voice.  A voice that will share stories of  knowledge, hope and inspiration. A voice that can give life or take it.

My voice is not my own, but the voice of others. And if it will change the lives of many for a greater good……I am okay with that.

So I am going to keep writing and keep talking. No matter what.